Megaplex Room Block Now Open

The Megaplex room block is now open. More information can be found on our Hotel Page

Our Apology for Yesterdays Post and our Commitment to do Better

We apologize for the rushed response we issued last night. It was insensitive, hurt the survivors, and it didn't address the concerns of our community. We downplayed the severity of the affected attendees' experiences instead of taking accountability.

We want to also apologize for the way that we failed to act on attendees' reports of harassment and warnings before the convention. We failed to live up to our promise to our attendees. You deserve better, and we will be better for each of you.

Every attendee deserves to feel safe at our event, and after reviewing the feedback we've received, we are immediately implementing the following changes:

1. Registered Sex offenders will not be permitted to attend the event. If you have concerns a registered sex offender might be attempting to attend Megaplex, please send your report to

2. We will be working with members of our community to develop a plan of action on how to best protect our attendees. Any and all feedback is appreciated for this process, and if you have any suggestions on how we can make the event safer for you, please write to

3. We are seeking a Survivor Advocate who will handle and address all reports of sexual harassment and assault with the kindness and dignity that survivors deserve.  If you believe this is something you are qualified for and would like to apply for the position, please contact our HR Team at

The board of Megaplex understands this is only the start, and there is much more we need to do to heal this break of trust between us and our community. We will be publishing future information regarding attendee safety, so our community can review and provide feedback during the progress. In addition, we would like to thank the attendees who brought these matters to our attention for their honesty and their bravery.  We are listening, and appreciate our community holding us accountable. We let you down. We will do better for you.

If you have any suggestions or comments for the board, please email Your feedback is valuable to our convention's growth and improvement, and we look forward to building a better and safer convention experience for the furry community.

Megaplex is Dedicated to the Safety of our Attendees

Megaplex's goal is to run events that are a safe place for everyone who attends. We are saddened and sorry to hear that people felt harassed or worse during the weekend. This is unacceptable and no person attending the convention should be made to feel this way.

As of today, in response to concerns and feedback from our attendees, we are updating our code of conduct to make it clear that registered sex offenders are not welcome at Megaplex. We will also be reviewing our policies and procedures to see what more we can do to ensure the safety of our attendees and staff.

To ensure everyone's safety, Megaplex relies on its attendees to report misconduct by lodging an official complaint with the convention staff while in convention space or contacting hotel security and/or filing a police report when outside of convention space. After that, we can investigate and take the appropriate action.

We are committed to improving the convention and making it enjoyable and safe for all.

2021 Numbers

1748 Three Day Attending
281 Sponsors
195 Super Sponsors
31 Mega Sponsors
4 Giga Sponsors
77 Staff
7 Board of Directors
65 Dealers
1 Guest of Honor
156 Friday Passes
220 Saturday Passes
100Sunday Passes

2889 Total On Site
296 Online HOPIN Attendees

669 Fursuits in the Sat Parade
$50,000.00+ raised for C.A.R.E.

Thank You From All Our Staff!

We want to thank everyone who came to Megaplex 2021 both in person and online. This is truly a labor of love and we want to know what we did well and what could be improved upon. Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey.

Do you want to earn free registration for Megaplex 2022?

If your willing to volunteer for 8 hours you will get a free 3-day Attendee registration for 2022. Make sure to sign up ASAP on our Volunteer Application Page!

Megaplex On-Site Registration Options

Going into 2021 we knew that there were going to be some restrictions required for the safety of our attendees. Among them, the registration cap and no onsite registration would be the hardest as so many people were waiting with excitement for cons to start back up. Since online registration closed, we have been inundated with people contacting us about single day passes as well as asking us to re-open registration. Over the past week we have been investigating options that would have minimal negative effect on the safety of our already registered attendees. We are happy to announce the following registration capabilities that will be available at con.

Mega & Giga Sponsor: We received a few requests for these options to be available at con. We feel we can open these options as they would not greatly affect the attendance due to being cost prohibitive for most.
$35 Day Pass: A limited number of day passes will be made available. Those who register under this will not receive a badge with their name on it. This pass will not allow you into the Dessert Social on Friday. Passes will be sold day of only.
Badge Upgrades: We will be offering a limited number of badge upgrades on site.
12 and Under: Due to data privacy laws we choose not to offer 12 and under badges Online. The guardians of minors 12 and under who registered themselves online can visit registration and register their child on-site.

We can’t wait to see everyone who’s attending the convention this year. As a reminder, if you are feeling ill or test positive for COVID-19 we ask that you PLEASE STAY HOME. There will be more cons and any registration not picked up at the convention will automatically be credited towards 2022.

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Megaplex 2021 Dealer's Den Directory and Map

The Megaplex 2021 Dealer's Den Map is now live. Click "Read More" to see the Map and Directory.

Megaplex 2021 Schedule Live!

All Aboard! Megaplex Cruise Lines departure is just around the corner! Join us on board with a fun-filled schedule for 2021!

CLICK HERE to check out the schedule!

Remember that some events may change at any time so follow @MegaplexCon on Twitter for more information! Happy Sailings!

2021 Dance Comp Rules and Sign-up

The Dance Competition is on for this year! We have the rules ready for you here! Once you have read the rules head over to our Dance Competition Sign-up Form.

Updated details on the Megaplex Mask Policy

As many locations in the United States are updating or removing their mask requirements we felt that it was time to expand on our mask policy. As we have previously mentioned masks have been shown to be the first line of defense during this pandemic. With people coming from all over the nation we continue to feel that it is the right choice to continue to require masks to be worn inside the convention space at all times, in all areas such as Panel rooms, Main Ballroom, Registration Areas, Dealer Den, Zoo, dances and all pre-function hallways. The following are very limited exceptions to this policy, and only apply to those that have been fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated individuals need to wear masks with no exception.

A) During load in / Load out and set up of major event areas (Main ball room and dealer power and registration setups most notably). These areas are closed to the general convention public, and the only ones in these areas are staff with plenty of distance between them. This is mostly for safety, since verbal commands and instructions need to comprehensible.

B) Panelists / Performers. These people are distanced far away from the audience, well beyond the safety ranges for social distancing requirements. This again is for comprehension, since some attendees with hearing limitations may need the ability to lip read, or may have comprehension restrictions with mask muffled speech.

C) Fursuiters with head on. This is for a concern of heat safety while actively wearing fursuit head. Sweat will cause masks to saturate with moisture, making an already hot situation even worse with a breathing limitation of breathing through a saturated wet cloth. Fursuiters should carry their mask with them at all times, so that if they take their head off in any areas, including the headless lounge, they must immediately put the mask on. Fursuiters not wearing a mask inside head should keep 6 feet away from other attendees. (ie no hugs)

D) Masks may be removed if actively eating or drinking, however you must remain stationary. You may stop, sit at a table/chair/floor and eat or drink food that was purchased from the hotel. Masks may also be removed for the Sponsor Lunch and the Staff Dinner.

E) Areas outside of Megaplex's convention space will default to the hotel's overall policy, as those areas are not enforceable by Megaplex. Those areas include all the outside walkways, pool, lodge buildings and main lobby. Anyone that violates the hotel's policy may be forced to leave the hotel, and Megaplex will not offer any refunds for anyone that is ejected for violating a hotel policy. The latest COVID updates from the hotel can be found on the Hotel and COVID-19 Update page.