Attendee Code of Conduct

The following policies are intended to help everyone have a safe, sane, and fun Convention. In general, Megaplex asks that you show respect and courtesy toward all attendees, hotel staff, and other guests. Consideration for the safety, rights and feelings of others will help to create a positive experience for everyone.

By accepting your registration badge, while at Megaplex, you agree to abide by the policies of the convention. You also acknowledge that a violation can result in your indefinite suspension from the convention, depending on the severity or repetition of an offense.

If Megaplex staff become aware of activities that are illegal or may threaten the welfare of the convention and its attendees, they have a duty and responsibility to inform hotel security and/or local authorities as warranted.

In General

The following “general rule” supersedes all others listed below and may be invoked at any time:

Any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Megaplex's relationship with its guests, its venues or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in permanent suspension of ability to attend associated events.

Florida United Furry Fandom, Inc. (FLUFF, Inc.) reserves the right to refuse or revoke registrations at any time, for any reason, including (but not limited to) the failure to abide by the policies listed here. FLUFF, Inc. also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice, and reserves sole right of interpretation.

Convention Space

"Convention Space" is defined as all publicly accessible areas on the premises of the hotel (including the entire meeting space, lobby, atrium, dining areas, parking lot, elevators, stairwells and hotel room hallways) as well as the Sponsor Suite.

Convention Staff and Security

“Convention staff” are volunteers whose goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable and has a great time. The role of convention security staff (“security”) is to protect Megaplex’s attendees to the best of their ability by patrolling the convention space and enforcing convention policies.

If you have a problem or you are in trouble and need assistance, seek out a member of convention staff for help. Staff members can be identified by staff badge or designated staff outerwear.

The senior members of the convention staff will resolve any disputes or questionable events. Their decision will be final. Security will issue warnings if they observe violations. In any dispute, the general rule above will apply.

If you have a complaint or a non-urgent problem that cannot be solved until after the event, we recommend writing up as many details as possible about the issue and submitting it to a senior staff member, or emailing it to This is the best means for staff to listen and consider feedback, as staff may be very preoccupied during the event.


Nobody is permitted into convention space without a valid registration, represented by a Megaplex badge (“badge”). Convention staff issue badges that are permitted to be used by a single individual. They may not be shared or duplicated in any way, and they may not be obtained by any other means.

You acknowledge that your government issued identification will be verified to validate the information that is found on the face of the ID, such as your name, address and birth date. This information is only used to verify your age and have your name on file in case an emergency arises. This information will not be published to any entity, and will only be used for aggregate analytic statistics.

Registered sex offenders or registered sexual predators are not permitted to participate in the convention. If an individual in attendance is identified as being a registered sex offender or registered sexual predator their badge will be confiscated and they will be asked to leave the convention.

Your badge must be visibly displayed at all times when in convention space, and must be presented or surrendered to any staff member upon request.

Megaplex reserves the right to request that you purchase a full-price registration to replace a lost or stolen badge. In the event of a lost badge, a single replacement badge may be issued at a reduced cost. Repeated lost badges will need to be replaced at the price of a full registration.

Megaplex reserves the right to withhold or confiscate any current years' Megaplex badge with an inappropriate name. In the event that a badge is withheld or confiscated a single replacement badge may be issued at a reduced cost.

Refunds and No-Show

Refund Policy: We can only offer a refund for your registration up to 60 days past the date you registered. After that we can only offer you a credit to apply for the following year. We cannot offer a refund after the pre-registration cutoff date either, as all the data has been exported and badge printing has been performed by this time.

No Show policy: If you pre-registered for the convention, but are unable to attend, and simply don't show, we extend the courtesy to credit your registration cost to be used for the following year. We can only extend this for the following year, and you will have to make up any difference should the costs increase the following year. WE cannot credit Dealer's tables or Artist Alley reservations, as those expenses are already lost expenses by the convention, since your table will have sat empty all weekend. You can email us in the days leading up to the convention and we can see if we have people on the dealer wait list that might still be willing to buy your table slot off you, but you will have to negotiate your price with them, since they won't get the benefits of having Dealer map info being correct.


Due to changes in Florida legislation Megaplex is currently limited to 18+. All attendees must be at least 18 years old at time of badge pickup. Exceptions cannot be made.

Public Decorum

Unless otherwise noted, this section applies to convention space and to all hotel property, with the exception of private hotel rooms with doors closed.

All areas are considered to be suitable for all audiences, unless explicitly noted otherwise.

Dry clothes (shirt, shorts, and shoes at a minimum) are required. Clothing may not be overly revealing or inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention, such as fetish-related garb and accouterments. Discrete wearing of collars is acceptable, but leashes are not.

Anthropomorphic hoods will be permitted at all times in con space provided no other attire generally identified as fetish gear by the public nor revealing, or suggestive clothing is worn. Unitards or other full body clothing may be worn only if genitalia or their outline cannot be seen through the outfit. Collars may be worn at all times but at no time may a leash or other lead be attached nor may someone lead or pull you by said collar. Upper body Harness may be worn without the accompaniment of other fetish gear. At no time may undergarments be worn in such a way that they are fully or partially visible to the public or able to be seen through clothing. Shirts and pants/shorts must be worn at all times in con space with the exception of attire that cover these areas. We ask that at all times, outside of con-space, people use their better judgement in what they wear. After 10 PM there will be a little more relaxed enforcement but please continue to use your better judgement.

Convention Staff or hotel security reserves the right to ask any attendee to remove an accessory or article of clothing that is deemed to be inappropriate or disruptive to an event or function, or to the convention as a whole, such as (but not limited to) articles of clothing that the general public may find inappropriate or display excessive profanity or symbols/messages of hate. This includes any and all armbands.

Public displays of affection beyond what is appropriate for polite company are frowned upon. Holding hands, hugging, chaste kissing, and the like are fine; anything beyond that is best taken to your hotel room.

Props, toys or accessories capable of causing injury, discomfort, or damage to clothing, costumes or property, or create a security risk are not permitted in convention space. This includes (but is not limited to) scooters, wheeled boards (such as "Hoverboards"), radio-controlled drones, laser pointers, water guns, Nerf or other dart guns, and Silly String.

Aisles, corridors, and passages should be kept open and clear. Please be considerate of passersby and stay out of the way of traffic.

Conversation, music and video playback should be kept to a moderate volume and outside event rooms, as not to disrupt convention programming. Loud noise makers are not permitted.

Do not disrupt panels or events. A disruption may be (but is not restricted to) talking, shouting, heckling, or talking back, during panels or events in a way that might distract, interrupt or upset any performers, convention staff, vendors, or attendees of any age.

Banners, posters or signs may not be posted without permission. Convention banners, posters, signs and any other convention or hotel property, may not be removed or moved without permission.

Smoking is not allowed in any convention space, or hotel common areas, including the pool deck. Please use the designated smoking locations found outside the hotel.

Harassment of any kind, including physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwelcome physical attentions, will not be tolerated. If someone tells you "no" or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If anybody is repeatedly making you uncomfortable, please find a member of staff to help.

Megaplex staff is not responsible for solving any interpersonal or relationship problems that may arise between individual members. In general, we can take no action to prevent a person from attending the convention unless that person has made a specific and credible threat toward the convention itself or if another individual can produce a legal restraining order.

All persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be subject to security checks.

Alcohol and Drugs

Providing alcohol to individuals under the age of twenty-one (21) is against the law and convention policy.

Megaplex does not condone or tolerate the possession, use or distribution of illegal substances.


All Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances apply to the possession, carry, and display of weapons at Megaplex.

No weapons, open carry or concealed, are allowed, and no real or prop weapon may be used or displayed in a threatening, reckless or dangerous manner.

Airsoft, Paintball, or Replica Firearms are not permitted within con space except for educational purposed in panels with permission from security.

For the safety and peace of mind of all attendees, all props that could be a potential risk to the health or safety of another attendee or realistic replicas that could be mistaken for deadly weapons, must be disabled, peace-bonded, or otherwise rendered inert while on display. If such a prop is part of your costume, please consult Security for direction.

Room Parties

Activities taking place in a private hotel room are the responsibility of the person(s) renting the room. We do recommend that parties be kept to a moderate size, and that the noise be kept to moderate volume. Hotel security will break up parties that receive complaints.

Per hotel policy, kegs may not be brought into the hotel or guest rooms, and the hotel may evict, without refund, all occupants of a room violating this policy.

Photographic, Audio, and Video Recordings

Attendees should be aware that they may be photographed or recorded at any time while in public areas. Megaplex reserves the right to authorize individuals to create and edit photographic, audio or video recording of convention space and events (many of which involve audience participation), and to distribute these productions, in whole or part, free of charge, for historical or promotional purposes. Attendees agree that they are not entitled to any notice or compensation for the appearance of their names, aliases or likenesses in such productions.

Members who wish to take pictures or make recordings for personal, non-commercial use while at the convention may do so in any areas, unless recording is explicitly forbidden, verbally or by sign, in an area or a performance. We ask that photographers and videographers act with common sense and courtesy, and refrain from recording any non-consenting individual.

Permitted recordings may be shared on personal, not for profit websites. However, if someone is in the focus of the picture by themselves or with one other person, and they wish to have their photo removed, you must respect that person's request and remove the image. If the person is in a group of three or more in the photo, then it is considered a group photo, and would require objection from at least a 50% majority of the people in the photo.

Megaplex will not use the names or likenesses of corporately owned and trademarked mascots, puppets or other characters for any commercial or promotional purposes, except according to prior written agreement.

Pets and Service Animals

For the safety and comfort of members and pets alike, we do not allow any personal pets in convention space. Working service animals are permitted in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Dealer's Den and Artist Alley

Vendors and Artists in the Dealers’ Den and in Artist Alley are required to abide by the published Vendor Policies.

In Closing

These policies will be strictly enforced by security and staff, who will be clearly identified as such on site.

If a particular scenario is not specified here, the general rule listed at the beginning of this document will apply: Any action or behavior that causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects Megaplex's relationship with its guests, its venues or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in permanent suspension of ability to attend associated events.

These policies are intended to allow our members to have a safe, enjoyable convention experience. While we do not anticipate having to enforce these rules, be advised that convention staff will do so swiftly and firmly if the need arises.