A Statement About Recent News Articles

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Megaplex would like to respond to recent news articles regarding the convention. Megaplex takes the safety of its attendees, staff, and venue very seriously. We were made aware of an electronic threat towards Megaplex and IndyFurCon. We immediately deemed the threat credible and reached out to appropriate law enforcement agencies as well as IndyFurCon. Thanks to the quick action of law enforcement and associated cyber security professionals, they identified and apprehended the individual responsible. Megaplex has not made a statement until now due to the ongoing law enforcement investigation. We want to assure con goers that your safety is a paramount concern.

If anyone has any questions, they can reach out to mp-feedback [at] megaplexcon.org however due to pending court action Megaplex may not be able to provide additional detail than exists in the article.

Megaplex wants to sincerely thank IndyFurCon for their support in helping make sure both events are more secure.

The article in question can be found on www.clickorlando.com.