COVID-19 Information

The Megaplex Executive Leadership and the Florida United Furry Fandom Inc., Megaplex's parent company, Board of Directors continue to closely monitor the pandemic. As the situation changes Megaplex will continue to update safety policies and procedures as well as attendee safety requirements.

First and foremost, We strongly recommend all staff and attendees be vaccinated against Covid-19 if posssible. If you do not feel comfortable attending in person please stay home. It is up to each individual to make the decision for themselves. Please stay informed.

Above all else, regardless of vaccination status, if you feel sick before arriving at the convention DO NOT ATTEND. Badges purchased for 2022 will be Transfered to 2023 if not picked up. Should you begin showing any symptoms common with Covid-19 while at the convention we ask that you DO NOT enter con space. Please immediately quarantine and seek medical attention.

In order to provide as safe of an environment to meet in person as we can Megaplex will be:

Additionally, some common programming may be modified or removed to increase the safety of our attendees.

Attendees should note that the safety policies and procedures listed are based off the current restrictions and guidelines from the hotel as well as local and federal agencies. As guidance changes Megaplex's policies may change as well. We will do our best to keep attendees informed of these changes as they occur.

We have compiled a list of common questions for our attendees on our Covid FAQ.